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  • 12/15 People do realize that putting together a list of most frequently challenged books just makes me want to read them…I’ve already read 5 on this list: http://bit.ly/buy1DS
  • 12/1 Kids benefit from being read to. I would argue that most of us would benefit from more reading to…so comforting…so meditative: http://bit.ly/hxQ06Z
  • 11/18 Great showing by women in the National Book Awards. My favorite? Patti Smith winning for nonfiction. Seriously, read Just Kids: http://bit.ly/7yMu5f
  • 10/25 What? Jane Austen had an editor? You mean she wasn’t perfect on draft one? Shocking. In other news, who IS perfect on the first go: http://bbc.in/avSX9e
  • 10/11 I’m not usually one to say “yay, e-books…” (even when they are free) but I might download this one which will let me be a tourist in my own neighborhood: http://bit.ly/bTHNWs
  • 10/5 The National Book Foundation has listed their 5 Under 35 – five young authors writing great fiction. I haven’t read any. Just more books for the to-read list: http://bit.ly/Sz863
  • 9/23 Word on the street is it is going to get cold soon (even though it is crazy hot today), here is what one Chicagoan will be curling up to read: http://bit.ly/bmiQXG
  • 9/22 Why hello Google Books, I usually just search you, didn’t know I could browse trending topics. Fun for hours: http://bit.ly/91le5x
  • 9/21 Well now I HAVE to get the iPhone…60 Second Recap has an iPhone App: http://bit.ly/ijuX7
  • 9/21 Now we get Zadie Smith on a regular basis, YAY: http://bit.ly/9BaOV3
  • 9/14 The president has written a new book – this one for his daughters: http://bit.ly/cpzIWW
  • 9/9 Do you only read small books in the summer? Is fall when you devote yourself to the heavy hitters? Call me weird, but summer is my time for epic tales, although I see the argument for curling up on a crisp fall day… http://nyti.ms/aWll9o
  • 9/9 I love it when people reminisce about books that moved them, especially as children. The Laura Ingels Wilder collection was my first foray into book collecting. When I received those (prob at Christmas) I felt like I was in possession of a special treasure. Books! And they were mine! http://bzfd.it/cDrvgv
  • 9/2 Brooklyn College is getting heat for their required summer reading book, How Does It Feel To Be a Problem: http://bit.ly/df1bde
  • 8/11 Are there books that will get people to flirt with you? I tend to think that if someone wants to flirt with you…they will find a way – no matter what you are reading: http://bit.ly/avKSXa
  • 8/11 No WAY. Someone else is stalking readers? Ugh. Is nothing innovative anymore? Although…they are in NYC and I’m in Chicago…so THERE. At least they also have trouble figuring out what Kindle people are reading: http://bit.ly/cfcsqR
  • 8/11 The Book Depository has taken book stalking to the next level. Although, to be fair, you can only see what people are buying…not what they are actually reading. I think that is two different things: http://bit.ly/y1Fnm

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