what chicago's reading

over-reading myself

woman so engrossed in reading that she didn't stop to note what those around her were reading

woman in a red dress reading about Hawaii
woman starting the final chapter (hehe) of the dune story
woman beginning a fantastical novel in which she’s pretty sure charles dickens is the bad guy
woman on the bus reading a classic to fill in a hole in her reading history. and thinking how much this reminds her of catch-22
woman ensconced in reading about not what’s happening in the river of civilization, but on the side…on the banks
woman reading on the bus, hoping to finish before her book becomes overdue, and loving every moment

woman so ensconced in reading she forgets to do things like look at the lake

woman not reading because she couldn’t fall asleep the night before and so can’t focus her eyes this morning to read what seems to be a book written in a very similar voice as her own. she protectively holds the book for reading later

woman not concerned with those around her because she’s too busy being worried about the words in front of her, hoping that the detective’s daughter is NOT mixed up in a horrible murder!

a woman up early to catch the bus before she is usually even out of bed, resigning herself to the day, but still enjoying edith and her snowy tale

woman reading about the moody batman

woman reading on the bus trying to separate the female high school student character in this book from the one she was reading the previous evening, but the characters from The DUFF keep meandering back into her mind.

woman starting book four of the dune series and readying herself to be sucked in

woman finally getting the chance to read this book and wondering if she is going to start liking any of the characters

woman trying to start and finish her book club book in 1.5 days and being thwarted in speed reading due to chatting passengers

woman trying to read / look at the pretty pictures on the bus as people chat around her

woman carefully reading a very old copy (once at the parchment community library) of a classic

woman reading her book club book - which she ironically picked out - when all she wants to be reading is children of dune

woman reading on the bus, wishing the trip would take longer so she could keep reading

woman reading on the bus really wanting to know how the child ghost is getting those s marks on the floors of the house and why why why is she tormenting people

woman reading the next young adult book for her book club, and trying not to burst out laughing at the shenanigans

woman reading the fourth instillation of one of her favorite series with baited breath

woman, who left the book she was reading at work, supplementing with an important graphic novel


woman reading essays on the eternal debate of zombies vs. unicorns. after the story this morning, she is definitely leaning toward team zombie

woman reading on the bus, holding the book aloft so she doesnt get too sniff-ly

woman reading on the bus feeling slightly removed from a book that - at the beginning - had her all set to move to the great plains


woman reading on the bus, conflicted: excited to start another libby book, already sad it will be over too soon, and pumped for the launch party

woman reading her second steinbeck selection in as many days since she couldnt sleep that morning - due to holiday excitement - and finished the red pony which was really sad considering it had PONY in the title and now this one is dealing with scorpions biting babies

woman reading this small book on the bus, internally extremely upset because how can the pony die in the first section?!?

woman reading of the roaring 20s on the bus chuckling because the night before she confused mitford with milford since her mom is reading savage beauty

woman on the bus finishing a graphic novel because she couldnt find her library book when she left the apartment

woman putting away her lesson plan to read an endearing, if dysfunctional, family story


woman setting aside victorian literature for a fantastical young adult selection, since book club is coming up


woman on the bus just starting a novel by one of Jane Austens contemporaries, then laughing when she reads the line: "nobody can look well without taking some pains to please"

woman trying to ignore the musty dampness of a stormy morning commute by engrossing herself in a seasonal tale of poison, small towns, and all out creepiness

woman trying to read the lost years of merlin because she has ya book club and isnt done with the book but she saw a friend on the bus so all she could do was put her book down and smile


woman on the bus sitting next to a woman who is upset someone sat next to her...reading an inventive group of stories about the worlds most famous composers and the woman thinks she should know their work better and then she would get the jokes in the book more

woman on the bus reading the book club selection for One Book One Saint Mary’s and now she is 15 pages in and there are already folded corners marking beautiful words

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